April 14th 2019

Today Tiger Woods won his first Masters title in fourteen years, and completed his comeback, cementing his place as the best golfer in the history of the world. I don’t usually watch live golf, but when Tiger’s in with a chance of winning, I couldn’t resist.

When both Finau and Molinari went into the water on 12, with Tiger safely on the green, you just knew it was going to happen. From there, Tiger didn’t have to win it, he just had to not lose it. And even though he bogeyed 18, he never looked like dropping shots, because he was playing safe.

He almost looked too calm when he chunked his approach shot on the 18th, but everyone knew that all he needed was a five and he’d walk away with his fifth — and perhaps most impressive — green jacket.

And that’s what he did. And it made me so happy. When I watch golf I’m supporting A) The British Guys, and B) Tiger Woods. The man just transcends the sport, and is the truly the best that ever lived. He went through a period of domination, and then a period of stagnation, and then he was out of the game for years plagued with injury, illness and controversy, and after an operation on his back it was possible that he’d never play golf again.

A couple years later and he’s just completed his comeback by winning golf’s greatest prize: The Green Jacket.

I was in the pub, cheering him on. Like I said, I don’t normally watch golf live, but at one point there were 10 players within two points of the lead going into the final five holes. And it was EXCITING. Golf is not outwardly exciting, but today was thrilling. And the best man won.

Until tomorrow,

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