April 15th 2019

Today was, I’m hoping, not indicative of the kind of lifestyle I’ll lead when my parents go away for three months in May — which I guess is now next month.

They’re going all around France and Italy in their motorhome for the summer, and so I’ll be living at home alone. They’re actually away at the moment, though only in Wales for the weekend. In their absence, I had this monstrosity for dinner:

A cured meats and cheddar cheese sandwich, with a side portion of crisps and salsa. And yes, before you ask, I did put the crisps inside of the sandwich.

In my defence, I’ve actually cooked quite well for the rest of the weekend: on Friday I cooked Lasagne from scratch, and on Saturday I cooked steak and baked cookies. And also, I wasn’t even supposed to be in the country today — I was going to be flying to Germany for work — so I was not culinarily prepared to cook dinner tonight. And so I didn’t cook, and instead prepared a sandwich like any student would.

Except I’m now twenty-five, and not a student any more.

And I can cook. And I do like to cook. I just really couldn’t be arsed tonight, so I made a sandwich instead.

Until tomorrow, sometimes that’s okay, right?


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