April 16th 2019

Today I mentally need to go for a run. I feel, like, whatever the literal opposite of physically energised is. It’s been a long, long time since I ran (a whole eleven days!), and I’m not even sure why. Today my boss asked me “Why aren’t you going for a run?” and it took me so long to think of an excuse that she got bored and walked out. Which is fair. Because I don’t have a reason.

But the fact that I’ve not run is weighing me down, mentally. It’s not that I need to go for a run to lose weight, or anything, since my metabolism will always make it impossible for me to physically need to run. I’ll probably weigh 70 kilograms until the day that I die, but my mental state requires that I start running again.

I don’t quite have the right words to describe it, but my brain needs me to start running again. Maybe it’s got too much oxygen from me not doing any exercise in a long time (a whole eleven days!). I don’t know the science behind it, but I know that I’ll feel better after I’ve been running. For some weird reason, not exercising is making me feel more tired, and more drained than running five times a week ever did.

And so that’s what I’m going to do tomorrow. Tomorrow happens to be 5km race day for our work running club, which sounds like a perfect way to get back out there. I haven’t actually participated in a 5km race since I went sub-20 for the first time, but I definitely do not think I’ll repeat that tomorrow. It’s been too long.

Until tomorrow, whatever time I do, it’ll just be good to be out there.


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