April 17th 2019

Today I told you I was going to go for a run, and I did! I’ve been really craving a lung-busting leg-loosener, and so that’s what I did. It was my work’s monthly 5km race, and although I knew I wouldn’t match the 20 minute PB I set last time, I just wanted to be out running, and running fast, so I told myself to aim for 21 minutes ish.

The first kilometre was no problem at all, but to be honest, for the next three kilometres I struggled to get into it. Although my legs were fine, I was puffing a bit more than usual, but mainly my head just wasn’t in it. Our 5km races are formatted with staggered starts, meaning people with a slower personal best time get a head start. Today, through a quirk of who showed up, the person I was following started 90 seconds ahead of me.

That meant that for a lot of the race I had no one to chase down. And that kind of fucked with my gameplan. Usually in these races I just focus on the back of the person in front of me, and run until I catch them, then focus on the next one and run until I catch them. I don’t tend to take too much stock in my times any more, I just try to catch people. But today there was no one for me to catch, but the guy behind me was really trying to catch me.

To be fair, he started two minutes after I did and he was absolutely rapid. He came level with me with about 500 metres to go, and that gave me the motivation I needed to step it up a gear. I sprinted the last stretch and won the only real head-to-head/foot-to-foot I faced.

It was something, I guess. It was a minute slower than my PB, but only 10 seconds slower than the 21 minute target I set myself for today.

More importantly than anything though, I ran for the first time in two weeks.

Until tomorrow, and I feel good for it.


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