April 18th 2019

Today my friend’s Mum posted a Facebook status saying she was looking forward to reading my novel over the Easter weekend. That was weird to me, but awesome. He’d bought my book to A) support me, and B) give it to his Mum for Mother’s Day. I kind of love him for the fact that he bought my book even though he didn’t have any intention of reading it. He just bought it to back his mate. Gotta rate that.

It does give me a reasonable amount of anxiety to think that someone out there is reading it, let alone one of my mate’s Mums, but then again that’s also pretty cool. Thinking about it, quite a few of my friends have said that they bought my book to give it to their mothers. I can think of at least three who said that.

And that’s funny to me, but again, makes me happy that my friends just undoubtedly backed me with no questions asked. I think I’ve almost made enough book sales now to break even on the money I spent on the cover artwork, so that’s good.

Publishing was never about profit, it was about pride. And I think I’m starting to find that.

Until tomorrow, it’s just hidden amongst the incapacitating fear.


Buy my book “A School of Dolphins” here:

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