April 19th 2019

Today my bank holiday weekend started with a round of golf and some barbecued meat. Because what else are you supposed to do on a bank holiday weekend?

Dad and I decided, probably far too late, that we wanted to play golf today, and so, apparently, did the rest of the world. We knew that the ‘good’ courses would be packed, and we’d struggle to get a tee-time, so we went to the not-so-good course around the corner where any old jobbie can show up and play.

And the problem was, that every old jobbie had showed up to play. It was a slow round. We had to wait a few minutes between playing basically every shot, which really disrupts your rhythm. As such, it was a muddled round, but a muddled and disrupted round of golf in beautiful sunshine on a Friday morning is, like I said, among the best ways to start a bank holiday.

Then, Dad and I went home and watched Live And Let Die. We’re very, very slowly working our way through the Bond boxset, and we’ve just started the Roger Moore ones. It was actually probably my favourite of the old ones we’ve seen so far. (Sorry Sean Connery)

Mum was out at my grandparent’s, cooking them an Easter barbecue, which is why we had time to watch an entire James Bond film as well as play a round of golf. When she came home, she brought with her some leftover barbecued meat, just to top off my Friday.

Until tomorrow, the weekend is off to a good start.


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