April 22nd 2019

Today I woke up and realised I’d lost my prescription sunglasses in the club last night. Judging by the pictures on my phone (that I don’t really remember taking) I still had them at about 11pm, but when I left the club at 3am they were gone.

The event we were at was an all day thing, and for much of the afternoon and early evening we were outside, and it was hot and bright, so glasses were required. When we went inside later in the night though, I obviously didn’t need them anymore, so hooked them round my necklace more for convenience than as a fashion statement.

As it turned out, however, it wasn’t a completely convenient place to put my sunglasses. Because I fucking lost them. Naturally, I’m a bit annoyed by that. But otherwise it was a fantastic night. It was great to see some old friends, and the atmosphere in Motion was immense.

Until tomorrow, I just wish I hadn’t lost my sunglasses.


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