April 25th 2019

Today I managed to stick to my goal pace on all but one of the track efforts I did today. Our track session was two [200m, 400m, 150m] sets. My goal times were: [30/30, 67/67, 22/22] and what I actually ran the session in was [30/30, 67/72, 22/23]. So, apart from that second 400m, my actual session was pretty well pace compared to what I intended on doing. As well as the second 150 being fractionally slower, I guess.

I needed a track session today. Because when I’m sprinting my mind is blank. And I needed a blank mind. The only thing that mattered for those 22-72 seconds was finishing the race. It’s not supposed to be a race, but George and I tend to compete amongst ourselves because it encourages us to run faster. And that’s what we want.

Until tomorrow, run faster, but do it consistently.


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