April 27th 2019

Today the double denim gang were out in force at my Aunty(ish)’s fiftieth birthday party. She’s my mums best friend. My sister’s godmother. And she turned 50 this week, and chose to have her birthday party as an 80a school disco, at a school, with a disco, because I guess she was at school in The 80s when Disco was around.

We were all instructed to dress in 80s clothing and, seeing as that I wasn’t around in the 80s, I kind of winged it and rocked a double denim ensemble with a headband. Because fuck it why not.

Me, my sister, and her boyfriend all rocked the double denim, because 80s innit.

It was a weird way to spend a Saturday night, with a tuck shop and a disco and a load of fifty year olds. But subsidised drinks and an increasingly invested dance floor meant it was a decent night in the end.

Until tomorrow, happy birthday Rach.


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