April 28th 2019

Today I packed for my work trip to Germany. Last year I went to Germany on business nine times, but I’ve not been at all this year, so it’ll be nice to get out there again.

Since I last flew out, FlyBMI have gone into administration, meaning we can thus no longer fly to Frankfurt from Bristol, and so have to go from Heathrow instead. That’s not too big of a hassle though, as we’re flying early afternoon so the taxi ride from door to door should only take like 80 minutes. That’s almost the same amount of time as the flight.

We’re going out only for a couple of days: our main purpose is an all-day workshop on Tuesday, and then Wednesday is a bank holiday in Germany anyway. So it should be a good trip, I’m looking forward to it.

Plus, I live for any excuse to get out of the country anyway.

I’ve ambitiously packed my running kit because I hope to be able to find time to go for a run. There’s a zoo near our hotel that has skyways/paths crossing over it, and jogging past waking giraffes always makes for a nice early morning run.

Until tomorrow, come fly with me.


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