April 29th 2019

Today I flew to Germany for a business trip.

We flew from Heathrow, which is something we never normally do, so when we arrived in Frankfurt we were very confused for a short while until we realised that we were in the other terminal.

As expected, I complied to the eleventh commandment: “And God said, thou shalt always take a mid-flight photo of the plane’s wing any time you board an aircraft”

On the Frankfurt side, we ended up with an hour to kill before we could catch a train, so sat around in a very German cafe drinking very German (aka bad) coffee and bottled water that was blatantly just tap water poured into recycled plastic bottles — there was no click!

Eventually, we made it to Karlsruhe, and while checking into the hotel the first thing I was asked was my opinion on the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union. You just can’t escape it.

We went out for dinner at an Italian place that didn’t know whether to speak Italian, German or English to us, so therefore settled on a mixture of all three. The starter was very good, but the pizza was underwhelming.

Afterwards, we continued our Brexit chat and walked back to the hotel in the rain.

Until tomorrow, the trip is off to a mixed start.


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