May 29th 2019 Today Arsenal got trounced in a European final and I’m not sure whether I don’t really care that much because A) We lost or B) I don’t really care that much. It’s hard to tell because obviously losing in such a manner has made me feel relatively indifferent about the occasion, but if “we” had’ve won, would I have been ecstatic? I’m not sure. Because I’m not sure that I care that much anymore. That is, of course, something that is really easy to say after being trounced 4-1 in a final, but I think it’s held … Continue reading Allegiance


May 25th 2019 Today I had the opposite problem to last night. Last night I got very, very drunk because I was drinking on an empty stomach. Tonight I filled myself up so much on dinner that drinking was a struggle. I intentionally got dinner (small chips and a jumbo sausage) when I got to Josh’s for pre-drinks, and his mum (love her) had left us an array of crisps and dips to graze on. So naturally I filled myself up. I filled myself up a bit too much. Every beer I drank sat heavily on top of the chips/crisps/dips … Continue reading Aggregate


May 24th 2019 Today I went out for drinks after work. Proper drinks as well. Me and Harry and Digby. Fuck knows where Harry went but Digby was still there. And somehow I managed to make my train even though the last one was at 22:15. And I accidentally got 10x too much cash out at the ATM to pay for said taxi. Shit happens. Until tomorrow it wasn’t that much. Jacn Continue reading Digby


May 22nd 2019 Today a lorry driver tried to kill me. I was driving home from work, and there’s a part of my commute that’s a three-lane carriageway on a hill. The left two lanes are for the people climbing the hill, and the right lane (though I guess it’s the left lane if you’re driving down it…) is for those descending the hill. There’s no barrier between the lanes going up and the lane going down. I was ascending the hill doing about 60mph (as that is the speed limit) in the right hand of the two lanes. In … Continue reading Lorries