May 1st 2019

Today I’m back home after a few days in Germany. It was a long trip back. We were out pretty late last night and German beer gives me terrible hangovers, so needless to say I did not go for the run that I had planned this morning. I am going for a 15 mile run tomorrow though, so that should make up for it.

I didn’t sleep a wink on the plane, even though I would have liked to, because I was sat on the aisle seat and that is inopportune positioning for a nap as there’s a 50% chance you’ll end up with your head on someone’s shoulder. Sitting in the middle gives that almost a 100% chance, because you’ve got someone on both sides. As ever, the window seat is the best choice, because you can just cuddle up to the wall of the plane. Do planes have walls? What would you call that part? I don’t know. Anyway. I didn’t have that option today.

I slept for like half an hour in the taxi on the way home, and now I’m gonna go and catch up on the sleep I missed last night.

Until tomorrow, early night.


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