May 2nd 2019

Today I went on a nice and casual ten mile run around something called Murrell’s loop. I don’t know who Murrell was, or what happened with his loop, but it’s a route that CJ, our work’s routemaster, either came up with or discovered or introduced to us. Definitely the last one, maybe not the first two.

Like I said, it’s ten miles, so obviously we had to take an extended lunchbreak to be able to fit that in, and to find a day when everyone had the time to do that has taken quite a bit of planning. We’ve been trying to do this run for about six weeks, but each week have had to postpone it for one reason or another.

Finally though, this week we made it.

I got absolutely covered in mud, and violated by some particularly egregious and vindictive stinging nettles, but it was a good time. It was a nice and slow sociable group run. The cross country aspect of it kind of dictates slowness because for much of it you’re just either A) jumping over stiles, B) dodging nettles, or C) pulling your trainers out of deep mud.

My trainers are absolutely ruined. Annoyingly, I do actually have a pair of bespoke trail shoes that I’ve worn only once before, but forgot to wear today. I wouldn’t have minded so much if those got ruined because those are kind of supposed to get ruined.

Never mind though. It was a good run. And good fun.

Until tomorrow, thanks CJ, for showing us the way.


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