May 4th 2019

Today I discovered that I’m actually quite good at charades. I’m a better guesser than I am a performer, but being a good guesser meant I had a lot of gos at performing. I went to a mate’s house for a family party, and inevitably someone suggested a round of charades. My guessing was really quite good, but my performing was terrible.

When it was my turn I’d be stood at the front and be suddenly unable to name a single film I’d seen in my entire life. For my first turn the only thing I could think of was “Lord of the Rings” which isn’t even a film or a book, really. So I was a shit performer.

But then I’d be pretty good at guessing, and if I got it right it would then be my turn to perform again, and we’d continue in this little feedback cycle of me being good at guessing but bad at performing for a little while.

My personal achievement was getting “The Men Who Stare At Goats” after only learning what the fourth word was. I found a bit more confidence in my performance when I started doing quite commonly heard of books: The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, The Book Thief, and — what turned out to be the hardest one for people to get… Go Set A Watchman.

It was actually a good laugh. A perhaps strange way to spend a Bank Holiday Saturday evening, but a good one nonetheless.

Until tomorrow, book, two words, first word, two syllables.


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