May 3rd 2019

Today we celebrated my sister’s birthday (even though it’s technically on Tuesday) with an unbelievable Beef Wellington. I’ve only got a photo of the outside for now, but K, when you read this in the morning, can you please send me a photo of the the food on the plate?

Yes, my Mum inscribed K’s name into the crust of the Beef Wellington. I wish I could show you the photo of the food on the plate, but I didn’t take one. Rest assured, it was incredible. K’s boyfriend said it was the best bit of meat he’d tasted in his entire life, which is some accolade. It really was good.

After dinner, we sat and played Knowledge is Power on the PlayStation. It’s a quiz game where you all answer questions to gain points to give you a lead in the final pyramid round, and the first person to reach the top of the pyramid is the winner. It’s simple, but it’s great fun. We now play it every time we’re together, basically. We love a quiz, and we love a bit of competition. And it’s also fun because you can use powerups to distract other contestants, and make it harder for them to answer. That inevitably leads to a lot of tactical targetting, which makes the game interesting.

All in all, it was a fun family night, though the wellington was the highlight.

Until tomorrow, Happy Birthday K.


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