May 9th 2019

Today I pushed my coffee intake up to four. Usually I’m a one a day kind of guy. Two tops. I’ll make a flat white first thing in the morning when I get to work, and then sometimes I’ll have another one after lunch if I get hungry again (I know that ‘hungry’ doesn’t make sense, but it is a thing to have a coffee as a snack, right?). If I don’t have an afternoon one I’ll have an instant coffee after dinner when I get home.

Yesterday I had three in total, and today I increased that to four. I have a lot of work on, and coffee helps with that. Also, I just genuinely really enjoy making coffee, and do try my best with the latte art:

Though more recently I’ve also started to drink espressos. My four coffees today went Flat White, Espresso, Flat White, Espresso. It’s nice to just have that instant boost, I guess. I’ve never really made myself espressos before because I like to mess around with the milk, but an after-lunch espresso is becoming part of my daily routine.

Which is probably unhealthy. It’s definitely not a good thing to drink too much coffee, and although for the last few years I’ve got really into it, I’ve never drank it to excess. Today was perhaps a bit far.

Until tomorrow, I hope I sleep alright.


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