May 11th 2019

Today we inevitably missed our train home. To be honest, I didn’t really know that we were getting the train home tonight. I’d fully prepared to go home tomorrow morning, and as it turns out that’s what’s happening.

We were out in Soho (London) until elevenish and realised the last train was at 11:30. Everyone else wanted to run for it, I wanted to get the central line back to Josh’s. But I went along for the ride anyway.

In a shock twist, we missed the train and ended up having to get the train back to joshs anyway. Who’s surprised? Not me.

Anyway, we had a decent pizza and a decent night. Look at this thing:

We went to a place called homeslice, and had four twenty inch pizzas between us. It was some good shit.

One of them had cabbage on it, which was a bit weird, but the Salami rocket and mozzarella one gave me life.

After homeslice everything got a bit weird.

Until tomorrow, at least the pizza was good.


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