May 10th 2019

Today I tried to get the gang together to sort out some of the stuff we need to organise ready for our lads/lads/lads holiday to Ibiza next month, but Aaron is a let down, and so Andy, Chris and I got distracted and didn’t really organise anything. We spoke about organising stuff, and that’s almost half the battle. But it didn’t make sense to do it without Aaron. So buck up, Aaron.

It’s just over three weeks until we fly, and we’re trying to figure out whether we should pre-book tickets for the clubs before we go out there. I think the general consensus is that we should book some stuff to make sure that we have things to do, but I would also not be against just winging it.

You can’t really go wrong in Ibiza. Basically anywhere you go is gonna be a good night, and you’re gonna get shafted by the prices of drinks anywhere on the island. It’s not a cheap place, so maybe we should save money where we can by pre-booking some tickets.

Until tomorrow, if only Aaron showed up today!


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