May 12th 2019

Today I’m back from a weekend pitstop in London. It was only supposed to be a day trip yesterday, but I ended up staying over and coming back today (I have a serious habit of missing trains and it’s becoming a problem).

It was our intention to have a more civilised celebration of Josh’s birthday than we normally would, and I think for the most part we were successful in that. We went to a hipster pizza place in Soho, and then to a gig at the Top Secret Comedy Club. (Make your own obvious joke about the ‘Top Secret’ part so I don’t have to).

I didn’t know of the first two comedians we saw, but the headline act was Simon Brodkin, aka Lee Nelson, who is probably the professional comedian who I find the least funny, but when you’re in a gig environment you’re kind of led into contagious laughter by the rest of the crowd. He was okay. His set relied heavily on shock and outrage but it’s not particularly outrageous or shocking if you’re kind of expecting it.

The second comedian, a guy called Alastair Williams, I found much funnier, even though his set was primarily focussed around Brexit — a subject about which I am sick of hearing.

After the comedy club we hopped around the bars of Soho until it was time to miss our train home. In hindsight, we should’ve just stayed out, but then it would’ve turned into exactly the type of uncivilised night we were trying to avoid.

All in all, we were pretty successful in having a civilised, grown up day trip to London. It just turned into a messy weekend sort of accidentally.

Until tomorrow, it was a good attempt.


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