May 16th 2019

Today I organised another holiday again. I got a text from the friend with whom I went to Oslo in March saying “Take a look at some bargain summer trips. Long weekend somewhere in Europe with cheap beer“. And so I did.

I went on Google Flights set my destination to “Anywhere”, set my timeframe to “Flexible” and set my price range to “Under £50” and then I moved my cursor around the map and looked for something that stood out.

Selfishly, I avoided the obvious places like Prague and Budapest because I’ve been there before, and I’ve still got this semi-serious goal of visiting every European country. And the more new places I visit, the further East I have to travel. So I kept scrolling to the right hand side of the map. In the end, I decided on Sofia, Bulgaria.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you might remember that a few months ago I said I’d organised a trip to Kyiv, Ukraine. Well, this is that trip, with that group of boys, but we finally decided on Sofia instead of Kyiv. Partly, but not completely, because my cousin went to Kyiv last weekend and he spent all of the first day of their trip evacuated from the hotel they were staying in because there was a bomb scare.

Sofia it is then. I’ve never been to Bulgaria. I don’t know anyone who’s been to Bulgaria, but I know that the beer is less than £1 a pint. And you can’t go far wrong with that. In Oslo beer was over £10 a pint, so… ten for the price of one?

I should also probably note that between now and Sofia, I have a weekend in Ibiza. But I’ve been to Ibiza before, so that doesn’t really count, right? (Wrong)

Until tomorrow, I just love a holiday.


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