May 18th 2019

Today I decided that I really want a dog. I spent the whole afternoon with with my friend and her dog, and and now I really want a dog. He’s a little long-haired Dachshund called Rudy, and he’s the most precious and beautiful thing in the entire world:

But he isn’t mine. I only get to see him every few weeks, but every time I do it just makes me wish I had a dog. We went for a walk around Cirencester park and there are dogs absolutely everywhere. We stopped every couple of minutes to talk to other dog owners (I won’t lie, I was sort of pretending he was mine).

I absolutely loved having him on the lead, or letting him run around us as we sat on a bench, but the talking to people every few minutes thing…? I didn’t love that so much. I’m not as socially anxious as I used to be, so it’s not even that, I just don’t really have the time for small talk. And by ‘the time’ I mean ‘the interest’. It’s just the same conversation with every person that stops: “Oh he’s adorable, what’s his name? How old is he? We’ve got a _______ who is ______.” and so on.

I think if I did have a dog then that kind of thing would probably annoy me. I asked my friend about it and she said that the way she sees it, she loves nothing more than talking about her dog, so she’s not going to mind people asking her about her dog.

So yeah, I want a dog. I might get a dog, I just don’t know when. I can’t really get one while I’m still living at my parent’s, and when I move out in a few month’s time it seems almost unfair to get a dog if you’re a single guy who works full time and lives alone. Because who’s gonna look after him during the day?

So for now, by seeing my friend’s dog, I get all of the benefits of having a dog without any of the responsibility. It’s a sweet gig, and he’s a sweet boy.

Until tomorrow, I do want my own though.


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