May 19th 2019

Today I went through the weirdly satisfying process of performing a cull on my wardrobe. Strangely, I’ve been sort of looking forward to doing this for a few weeks now. I decided last month that I wanted to get rid of all of the old clothes that I never wear anymore, but I never got around to doing it because I’ve had busy weekend recently and it’s not something I’m going to do in an evening after work.

So I sort of kept today deliberately free so that I could sort out my wardrobe. Dammit I’m getting old. Nevertheless, it needed doing. I had so so many tshirts that I haven’t seen in years, let alone worn.

I went through every item of clothing I own and put them into three distinct piles: Keep, discard, donate. Some of the clothes were still in good enough condition to give to a charity shop, and some of them were better off in the bin.

I found a shirt in my wardrobe that I bought when I was 14. Over a decade ago. And yes, it still fit. I’m wearing that shirt in my first ever Facebook profile picture, that’s how old it was. Sadly, it went in the ‘discard’ pile.

As well as finally seeing close up how many tshirts I own, what I also discovered is that I have far too many socks. Some of them I’m fairly sure are not mine, but there are still a lot of them. You can’t donate socks, so some got discarded, and some got put back into the wardrobe to be discarded the next time I try to wear them and realise they have holes in them other than the holes into which you are supposed to put your feet.

The whole process was quite therapeutic, although weirdly dusty. I kept sneezing but that might also be due to the fact that I have a cold.

I filled up one discard bag, as well as one donate bag.

Until tomorrow, and my drawers actually close now.


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