May 22nd 2019

Today a lorry driver tried to kill me. I was driving home from work, and there’s a part of my commute that’s a three-lane carriageway on a hill. The left two lanes are for the people climbing the hill, and the right lane (though I guess it’s the left lane if you’re driving down it…) is for those descending the hill. There’s no barrier between the lanes going up and the lane going down.

I was ascending the hill doing about 60mph (as that is the speed limit) in the right hand of the two lanes. In the far left lane, the “slow” lane, were two lorries creeping up the hill. As I got about halfway past the first of the two, the lorry started to pull into my lane. And into me. We were almost level as his cabin swung into my lane. I guess he was trying to overtake the other lorry, but he just didn’t see me at all.

Within the four-microseconds I had to think about it, I had to make a decision. If I slammed on the brakes the car behind me would’ve gone into the back of me, and probably pushed me into the lorry anyway. If I carried on going forward the lorry would’ve side-swiped me and pushed me into the opposite lane. My third option was to swerve into the opposite lane intentionally and pray that there was no oncoming traffic.

So I swerved.

As you can probably tell by the fact that I am writing about this and not, well… dead… there was no oncoming traffic. And I could swerve into the other lane, avoid the impact with the lorry, and get back into my lane on the correct side of the road.

In that four-microsecond gap I had to weigh up my options and reduced it to: Certain crash, certain crash, or maybe crash. Naturally, I chose ‘maybe crash’, because I preferred those odds. That said, a head-on crash would’ve been worse than being rear ended, but being rear ended at that speed could’ve pushed me into the lorry and then onto the other side of the road anyway. Then I’d’ve got it from all angles.

Regardless, I survived. I’m not really one for road rage, so I didn’t start cursing out the lorry driver or whatever, because he just clearly didn’t see me. Shit happens. Luckily the shit that happened wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been.

Until tomorrow, everyone survived, and that’s what matters.


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