May 23rd 2019

Today I made a whole load of plans for the bank holiday weekend. As ever with a bank holiday weekend, those plans involve golf. I’ve not played much golf since my membership ran out at the end of March, and honestly I don’t know if I’ll sign up to any other kind of membership anywhere, I’m kind of just playing on ad hoc days in ad hoc locations now.

I’ve agreed to play both Saturday and Sunday this weekend. Sunday is all booked, but Saturday is still up in the air. I’m playing with my Dad and my cousin on Sunday — it’ll be my last round with my Dad before he and Mum go travelling around France and Italy for the summer, and I can’t think of a better send off than a round of golf on a summer’s day.

On Saturday I’m playing with a mate from Uni. We were originally supposed to be going to a music festival in Bristol this weekend, but we couldn’t get tickets so we’re going for a round of golf instead. Which is a very, very different vibe from what we originally planned, but I’m kind of okay with it.

Tomorrow night I’m going on the lash with a mate from work, so I’ll be making up for the drinking that I’m missing out on by not going to the music festival on Saturday. Going out after work does mean that I’ve got to get the train to work tomorrow, which is costing me £30 including a taxi, which sort of seems maaaaaaad excessive. Actually thinking about it it’s probably closer to £40 because I’ll have to get a taxi both to and from the station and the beginning and at the end of the day.

Oh well. It’ll be a fun weekend.

Until tomorrow, maybe I should have a quiet one on Monday.


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