May 25th 2019

Today I had the opposite problem to last night. Last night I got very, very drunk because I was drinking on an empty stomach. Tonight I filled myself up so much on dinner that drinking was a struggle.

I intentionally got dinner (small chips and a jumbo sausage) when I got to Josh’s for pre-drinks, and his mum (love her) had left us an array of crisps and dips to graze on. So naturally I filled myself up.

I filled myself up a bit too much. Every beer I drank sat heavily on top of the chips/crisps/dips combo, and vodka didn’t help either. So I struggled to get drunk, and I struggled to keep pace with the boys.

I feel like if you add together tonight and last night then my aggregate level of drunkenness is pretty reasonable. It’s just a shame it was too heavily weighted in either direction and not consistently in the middle across both nights.

Until tomorrow, I shouldn’t have had the chicken tikka slice either.


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