May 29th 2019

Today Arsenal got trounced in a European final and I’m not sure whether I don’t really care that much because A) We lost or B) I don’t really care that much.

It’s hard to tell because obviously losing in such a manner has made me feel relatively indifferent about the occasion, but if “we” had’ve won, would I have been ecstatic? I’m not sure. Because I’m not sure that I care that much anymore.

That is, of course, something that is really easy to say after being trounced 4-1 in a final, but I think it’s held true for most of the season. I no longer feel any affinity to any of the players, and definitely not the manager. So it’s hard to feel sad about losing. But, again, perhaps I’m just ignoring my allegiance because we lost.

What I did feel quite strongly about tonight is “pub chat”. Pub chat is so fucking bad. We watched the match tonight in a pub that contained an even split between Chelsea and arsenal fans and, oh boy, were there some bad opinions on both sides. Anytime anything inconsequential happened there was an outcry from the respective sets of supporters about the referee’s incompetencies, or the player’s deficiencies.

I’ve made that sound far more sophisticated than it was, when basically it consisted of opposing sets of fans screaming “penalty!” and “dive!” at the same time. Neither of them were correct, but that didn’t stop them speaking up.

Until tomorrow, chat is bad, and so are Arsenal.


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