May 30th 2019

Today I cooked a very brown plate of food as my first meal since living on my own again. Now Mum and Dad have gone away for the summer, I’m back to looking after myself like a normal adult male human, and tonight that began with kievs.

Kievs are a fantastic dish. No doubt about it. They’re quick and easy and tasty. Not particularly nutritious, mind. Before she left, Mum stocked the fridge with some bits for meals, including the kievs and these mini chilli jacket potatoes:

See. I told you it was brown. The kievs were 20 minutes in an oven and the potatoes were eight minutes shallow fried. Garlic and chilli is the perfect flavour combination, but maybe the plate could’ve used a bit of green.

I realised after that there was broccoli in the fridge, and that bit of green would’ve livened up the palette a bit though maybe not my palate. (That is fabulous word play and you know it is)

I will I’m sure cook more adventurous, more colourful things for myself over the next few months. But today I needed easy, and I needed something that was ready to go.

Until tomorrow, it just needed a bit of broccoli.


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