May 17th 2019 Today I took my newfound resolve to stand up for myself perhaps a touch too far. I was chatting to a guy with whom I work, and — without the boring details — he was trying to find out if something had been done, but I was not the person he should’ve been asking. I’d told him everything I knew, and my entire involvement with the project had at that point been completed. But he kept pushing, and I found the way he spoke to me quite condescending. So I became perhaps too flippant in my responses, … Continue reading Condescending


May 15th 2019 Today I’ve been (self-)diagnosed with a bout of (truly terrible) man flu. I started to feel rough yesterday and woke up today feeling even worse. Is it possible to “catch” hayfever? Because I think it’s partly that, as well. I’ve never struggled with hayfever so far in my life, but I don’t know if it’s something you can acquire as you get older. Is it? I never used to be allergic to cats, but I developed that allergy as I got older. Actually, I think I’ve been allergic to cats for a long time, it just took … Continue reading Hayfever