June 29th 2019 Today I bailed on a free day rave at Motion. I was supposed to be going with some mates, but I ended up going out after work last night and getting un-sensibly drunk in Cheltenham. And I woke up in my bed this morning with not a great deal of recollection over how I got there. And so waking up like that made me definitely not in the mood for going to Bristol for a rave. Though, as the day wore on and I sobered up, I did begin to get a bit of FOMO. Especially as … Continue reading Bailed


June 27th 2019 Today my plans for a nice, quiet and wholesome weekend were flipped completely upside down and I’ve now got things planned on both days. On Sunday I’ve arranged to play golf in Wales with my friends from Uni, which is slightly more wholesome than my all-day-rave at Motion in Bristol on Saturday. After a busy week(+end) last week, I planned to just use this weekend to, shiver, catch up on the housework that I put off doing last weekend, and so on. Because I’m flying to Bulgaria this time next week I also wanted this weekend to … Continue reading Wholesome


June 22nd 2019 Today I’m kipping in my sister’s spare room after a day of beer drinking and pizza eating. I’ve had two pizzas today, one for a late lunch and one for a late dinner. And then a lot of booze in between. Until tomorrow, it somehow got really late. Jacn Continue reading Kip


June 21st 2019 Today I played mini-golf left handed until it became a strong possibility that I may actually lose, and at that point I swapped to my right hand and cruised for the rest of the round Really, I didn’t cruise. I only won by one shot, and that shot came on the 18th — a particularly gruesome ramp/loop. Considering I used to play golf every week and I claim putting to be one of the strongest parts of my game, I would’ve been fuming to lose. Of course, I’d’ve been gracious and gentlemanly, but also absolutely tamping. It … Continue reading Left