May 31st 2019

Today I prepped for Ibiza by buying not one, but three shit shirts. Between the group we’d agreed to have a ‘shit shirt night’ when we go there on holiday next week, but I went into town today to buy a shit shirt and couldn’t decide between them. So in the end I just bought three shit shirts and decided that I’d just wear a shit shirt every night because fuck it I’m on holiday.

It’s Ibiza. Everyone is going to be wearing a shit shirt, let’s be honest. There was a time when I’d’ve been too self-conscious to do such a thing but… fuck it, I’m on holiday. That said, I did refrain from buying a shirt that was perhaps “too shit”. But that was mainly because I’d already bought two from Primark, then went into H&M and found another two that I liked, and I don’t need four shit shirts for a four night holiday, because I’ve already got one shit shirt at home. So I had to make a decision between these two:

In the end, I chose the yellow one because I didn’t like the fact that the white one has long sleeves. But the more I think about it, the more I wish that I’d bought the white one. I showed my mates the photos, and they agreed that the white one was the way to go too. So now I’m annoyed. I didn’t need both, and I had to pick one, and I think I picked wrong.

And so I might go back to Primark on Monday, return one of those ones, and go to H&M to buy that white one. Because it does look absolutely rascal, let’s be honest.

Until tomorrow, fuck it, I’m on holiday.


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