June 2nd 2019

Today I went to Cotswold Wildlife Park with my friend and her dog. Somehow, even though the entire place is (obviously) full of wild and exotic animals, most people only seemed to care about her dog. Like, we were at the lion enclosure and the lion had it’s face right up against the glass. It was the closest I’ve ever been to a lion (they are huge, by the way) but half of the people by the window were just cooing over Laura’s dog.

(Because of the reflection you might have to squint to see the lion, but I promise it’s there)

Laura was holding Rudy in her arms and I think that contributed to why the lion got so close to the glass. He saw Rudy as a snack and wanted to get a better look at his dinner. And even though you’d be able to reach out and touch the lion were it not for the two-foot thick pane of glass (and for the fact that it would be a bad idea) people were still more interested in Rudy.

Mad, that. To be fair, he is gorgeous.

We were lucky with the weather, in the end, so had a really good time walking around the zoo. I do wish that I wasn’t as hungover as I was so that I could’ve been a bit better company, but never mind. Caffeine and sugar did their best to hydrate me because water was making me feel sick.

Also, Rudy had a great time. He’s usually a nervous pup, but he didn’t seem to mind being fussed by all the people or followed by all the other animals.

Until tomorrow, he didn’t even flinch when the lion tried to eat him.


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