June 5th 2019

Today I need a power hour before we go to Flower Power. I got in from Amnesia at 8am last night (this morning?) And couldn’t sleep, so me and Chris went for a walk on the beach. A lifetime later, I’ve struggled to make it to 3am on a calmer, more casual night of barhopping and beer sipping.

Part of me wants to sleep until time expires, but also I’m tempted to get a power nap and go out and get back on it in a few hours. Things will still be open at 5. That’s how this island works.

Pacha’s got a Flower Power night on. We almost ended up there earlier when our taxi across the island ended in a casino which required our passports for entry. And we didn’t have our passports on us.

Instead, we went back to Playa d’en Bossa and played pool for a few hours. Chris and I won 3-2 even if Aaron will tell you that he and Andy won 3-2. Don’t listen to Aaron. He’ll lie to you.

Until tomorrow, table was slanted and that was annoying.


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