June 6th 2019

Today I’m sat on a beanbag in the outside area of Pacha. It’s 5am and I’m happy. I’m happy that I finally got to come away on a proper holiday with my best group of friends.

We’ve spoken about doing it for so long, and now we are here. And everyone’s having an amazing time. Chris got a (temporary) tattoo. Aaron got to see his favourite DJ. Andy can’t stop farting. It’s amazing.

We went to a pool party at Ibiza Rocks today, and rock it did. Even if there were no abs in sight.

Being drunk in a pool with my best mates while some of he best house DJs in the world go back to back for our entertainment was one of my top ever moments.

And now we’re in Pacha. And it’s too busy on the dance floor so we’re sat on beanbags I’m the outside seating area.

Until tomorrow, here’s to more like that.


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