June 9th 2019

Today I was dying for some vegetables. I’ve had a dirty week in Ibiza eating nothing but burgers, kebabs and chips and drinking nothing but beer and vodka, and my insides were screaming for some green. All week we joked about needing some broccoli, because… well because you know how you just crave broccoli sometimes?

After a lot of badness, I just needed some goodness. So when I finally got back home this afternoon I made a stir fry containing all of the vegetables I could think of.

I didn’t actually put any broccoli in it, because I don’t think broccoli really ‘goes’ in stir fry, but the sentiment of it stands nonetheless.

I put in four chicken breasts, cabbage, carrots, beansprouts, onions, mushrooms, and kale(?). It was the first green stuff I’d had all week, other than a shot of some indiscernible green alcohol that I was coerced into drinking.

Until tomorrow, I feel so much better having had some greens.


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