June 17th 2019

Today I tried to shock my body into feeling better by completely knackering it out with a double session of exercise. I went for a five mile run at lunch time — though I skipped the hilly section because I wanted to feel better, not keel over and die — and then I played football this evening.

I really wanted to skip the run, but I’ve developed a bit of a (probably deserved) reputation for bailing on runs. I also wanted to skip football, but that would’ve left the guys with un-even numbers (also known as “odd numbers”) and that’s a pain in the ass for everyone involved.

And so, I did two lots of exercise on a day where all I’ve wanted to do is fall asleep. I even had to have a shot of espresso before I left work just to make sure that I was alert enough to drive home.

I think by now I’m actually feeling alright, but in the morning I’ll feel a lot better.

Until tomorrow, I hope so, at least.


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