June 23rd 2019

Today I drove to Newbury for a round of golf at the Donnington Grove course. It’s a championship course where they apparently held one leg of the European Tour at some point a few years ago. That last sentence is purposefully vague because I can’t find any actual proof of it, but I was told it today and I have no reason to believe the person would make it up.

Because they’d, allegedly, played the European Tour there I expected it to be super difficult, but it wasn’t really. Some of the drives were quite tight off the tee, but even if you pushed right or left you didn’t end up in too much trouble. The greens were undulating — particularly on the par threes — but they weren’t fast, and once you got the read of them putting was actually relatively straightforward.

There was some strategic bunker placement, but the bunkers only really come into play if you’re playing off the white tees. Off the yellows you’re usually either short or long.

We decided to get a buggy for the round today, and I’m glad we did. Because although the holes themselves aren’t particularly long tee to green — there’s a 600 yard par 5, but also some driveable Par 4s — there is some distance between the greens and the next tees. Between the 9th and 10th you actually pass over a dual carriageway and end up in a different postcode. Probably.

So I’m glad we didn’t walk it, because I was knackered enough anyway. We teed off at 2pm and it’s a 40 minute drive to Newbury, so by the end of the round I was pretty tired. But I’m enjoying our new gig of heading more out of town to play different courses around the country, rather than playing the same courses locally all the time.

Until tomorrow, I lost, by the way.


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