July 24th 2019 Today, if I ran the numbers, I had a 75% chance of getting a decent hair cut. There’s a tiny barber shop down the road from my office, and within it are two barbers. One is the owner, and one is a trainee. The trainee, predictably, is not as competent as the owner. When I’ve had my hair cut from the trainee before it was both time-consuming and painful, as he is slow and heavy-handed. After the last time I got a haircut from the trainee, I saw my cousin’s girlfriend, who is a hairdresser, and she … Continue reading Hairline


July 22nd 2019 Today I wanted to say that I’ve officially started a new “exercise every day for 21 days” challenge, but I played football this evening and my feet are in a bad way, so it’s possible that I’ll have to stop my streak after one day. There’s this trend going around Instagram called “100 Days Of Sweat” wherein, and get this, you sweat for 100 days. Or, more accurately and less grossly, you do some form of exercise every day for 100 days. Sweating all day every day would not be fun. I’ve done a 21 consecutive day … Continue reading Sweat