July 2nd 2019

Today I absolutely nailed my signature dish. It’s a recipe appropriated from, and named after, the pub down the road, as we once ordered it there and tried to replicate it at home. Writing that sentence makes me think that I’ve written about this before, but I’ve written about a lot of things before, and so I will carry on.

It’s chicken, stuffed with cheese, wrapped in bacon, in a tomato and red wine sauce. Today I served it with tenderstem broccoli and someone else’s signature rice. (the fact that the WordPress WordProcessor doesn’t recognise ‘tenderstem’ as an actual word and is giving me a red, squiggly line is also making me think I’ve written about this before, because I think it did that last time too)

I also appropriated the rice-preparation-technique from someone else, so really this whole dinner was just one big theft of intellectual property rights. Or something.

Step 1 for fluffy rice: soak it in cold water for a bit to get rid of some starch.
Step 2: drain that water and keep the rice. Obviously.
Step 3: boil one part rice in two parts water (new water) for a bit.
Step 4: the water should disappear (via absorption or something) without you having to drain it.
Step 5: put the rice in a colander or I guess a sieve and steam it over a pan of boiling water — the pan that is concurrently boiling your tenderstem broccoli will probably do.
Step 6: fluffy rice

Chuck the rice, broccoli, sauce, and chicken together on a plate and it’ll look something like this:

Until tomorrow, looks banging, that, right?


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