July 3rd 2019

Today I am packed and ready for Sofia. As you can see, I’m travelling light:

We’re flying with Wizz Air (Yeah, I hadn’t heard of them either) because it’s A) cheap and B) more convenient, and they have the most strict cabin baggage rules I’ve ever come across, and basically enforce that you cannot bring anything larger than a rucksack on the plane without paying extra for it. Two of us that are going the trip obviously understood “This is supposed to be a cheap and dirty weekend, so we’re obviously not going to pay for the extra baggage” but Brad went ahead and booked priority luggage. To be fair, he is a very tall man so I guess his clothes take up more room than us normal sized humans, but I still think it’s a waste of money.

We’re not even sat together on the plane. That’s the point of a cheap trip. You save all the money you can. The flights were £50, the Airbnb is £50, and Beer is gonna be under a pound a pint. No way was I going to spend an extra £25 each-way on luggage or £14 each way on non-assigned seating.

And so I’ve put a toothbrush, a pair of jeans, three t-shirts and a shirt into a backpack and called myself packed.

Until tomorrow, what more do you need?


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