July 4th 2019

Today we flew to Sofia and, to be honest, it’s weird here. We’ve tried our best to find a somewhat busy bar to have a few drinks and we’ve really, really struggled. Nothing is open on a Thursday night in Sofia. No bars. No clubs. No restaurants. Nothing really.

We spoke to some locals who said that apparently a lot of Sofians(?) leave the city during the summer to go somewhere else. So maybe that explains how quiet it is.

Literally, we couldn’t find a single bar. Nor, when we gave up and tried to find a kebab house, could we find a kebab house. We eventually found a 24/7 food place and deduced that it was advertised as such because the meat has been sat there on display since some point last week.

The dinner we had before the failed bar crawl was pretty good though. And it’s crazy cheap. Between us we had 6 beers, two cocktails and a main course each, and the whole bill came to 74 LEV, which is about £11 each.

Crazy cheap. And the alcohol will be crazy cheap if we can actually find a bar that is open.

Until tomorrow, we go again.


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