July 6th 2019

Today we did a cultural tour of Sofia while feeling very, very sorry for ourselves. Personally, I was running (/walking) off three hours sleep and feeling very full of beer. We were basically drinking for 16 straight hours yesterday, and I woke up this morning very much feeling like I’d been drinking for 16 straight hours yesterday.

So today, with heavy legs and questionable constitution, we walked ten miles around Sofia on a self-run sightseeing tour.

We started in South Park (I’m assuming its name predates the other thing) which is a huge park (no shit) in the foothills of Mount Vitosha. On another day, on another trip, in another lifetime, there is a version of me that would’ve gone to the top of the mountain. But not today. Not in this timeline.

We chilled at the park, drank uncarbonated, non-alcoholic drinks, and then set off for the architecture.

There’s a monument to the Soviet Army. Because Bulgaria is very soviet.

And the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, a stunning and unique building that looks both completely out of place and right at home.

And then we tried our hardest to find some Bulgarian food. An absolutely baffling part of being in Bulgaria is that the only food you can eat is Italian food. All the restaurants are Italian. They love pizzerias. We went to a Greek restaurant at lunch and the only food they had was Italian, so we just grabbed a beer there and went somewhere else.

And this evening we really tried to find some local cuisine, but I’m not sure that exists. The closest we got was this adequate Serbian restaurant with oily meats, oily potatoes, and a very friendly waiter.

We sat on the balcony in the sun and still none of us could face a beer.

We’re supposed to be going out again tonight, but I both hope and imagine that it’ll be a quieter one than last night.

Until tomorrow, I need it to be.


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