July 7th 2019

Today I am back from Sofia and ready to hibernate for one thousand years. It was a tiring trip. I didn’t sleep much. I think, in total, since I left England on Thursday I have had 11 hours sleep, and two of those were on the plane out there.

Even though we’ve been going to sleep at 5ish, I’ve still been waking up at 8ish. Something within my internal body clock just refused to allow me to sleep in while I was out there. Looking back, I should have made more of the mornings, and explored the city further by myself, but I mainly just laid in bed waiting for my friends to wake up.

It was a great trip, mostly for how cheap the alcohol was, but also because of how cheap the food was. But aside from the cheapness, it was also an interesting exploration into a new country, and a new culture. Forgive me if I’ve already said some of this, because I have not been sober since Thursday and cannot remember what I’ve already said in my blogs on Sofia, but I wasn’t expecting the people of Bulgaria to be so friendly.

I expected a harsh, Soviet reception, but everyone we spoke to was pleasant, helpful, and completely willing to converse in English.

Besides that, it was a city of unique architecture, and we actually explored quite a lot of it, considering the aforementioned state of tiredness and unbroken drunkenness. We walked for 10-15 miles during the day, and then probably did the same amount of steps on the dance floors at night, just without moving an inch.

I say that, but we only actually had one big night out. Because for some reason Sofia is empty in July. We discovered that it’s a big University town, and all of the students who flood the city during the school year disappear to Sunny Beach or the like for the summer. Some of the places on the “list of best nightclubs” were even closed for the summer, because no one is around to frequent them — except for us, that is.

And so, would I recommend Sofia? Sure I would.

Until tomorrow, just go during the spring.


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