July 9th 2019

Today I think I’ve broken my toe. Well, I think the actual breaking of the toe happened a few weeks ago, I’ve just started to think that it’s broken today. I played football outside on the 3G pitches, like, two weeks ago, and I’ve gone up to challenge for the ball with someone and he’s landed on my right foot with his studs.

It hurt at the time, but I ran it off. The pain is right on the knuckle(?) of my big toe. as well as at, like, the place where it joins to my foot. (Can you tell that I’m not the doctor in the family) There’s also a raised red mark in both of those places, and a bit of swelling out to the left hand side.

I played football again last week, and then again today, and that part of the foot that I just really inadequately described is actually quite important for playing football. Because it’s the bit where your foot hits the ball. And so, almost all the times I go to kick the ball, it hurts. Which isn’t ideal.

And now I’ve got back from football and I’m struggling to curl my toes without wincing — though that’s not an action that is often required in daily life.

I think I’m right in saying that there’s nothing anyone can do about a broken toe other than allow it to heal, but, again, I am not the doctor in the family, my sister is — and she’s broken her toe before, I think — so, K, when you read this, please reassure me that there’s nothing anyone can do about my broken toe other than encourage me to shut up about it.

Until tomorrow, it does hurt though.


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