July 10th 2019

Today the moths are invading. It’s that time of year again where the little fuckers are everywhere. And because I sleep with my windows and my curtains open the little fuckers are even more everywhere. And I guess part of that is my fault but it’s also fucking warm, okay? If my windows weren’t open it’d be too hot. But with the window open it’s too moth.

And, as everyone knows, they love light. So I’ll be led here in the dark on my phone or whatever and one of the little fluttery bastards will just land on my phone screen and start reading my messages. The nosy little fuck.

Even as I write this now one of the little flappy pricks is sporadically landing on my laptop screen, mocking me. Maybe it knows I’m talking about it. I wish it would get the hint and just fly away home. You’re not welcome round here.

Now, I love summer, but the infest of insects is really a problematic aspect of summer. For the most part, as long as they just mind their own business and leave you alone they’re fine, but it’s when they get all up in your grill and start landing on you that is the issue. Little pricks.

Until tomorrow, this was a sweary blog, but I think it was warranted.


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