July 14th 2019

Today I demolished a Dominos for dinner because as a grown man that is something that I am completely obliged to do. I’ve had a heavy, dirty weekend so finishing it off with a heavy, dirty Dominos seemed appropriate. It’s not something I’d ever really do very often, but I’d just woken up from a four hour nap and it was gone 8pm so the Co-Op down the road was shut, the fridge was empty, and I was hungry. So Dominos seemed logical.

To be honest, it wasn’t actually that great in the end. The dough tasted like it had been out a while, the toppings were unsurprisingly greasy, and I was left with that distinct “I’ve just had a Dominos” feeling in my stomach for a while afterwards.

I’ve also just remembered that I had a carvery for lunch today as well. That was pre-nap so it feels like it should have been yesterday, but it wasn’t. It was today. So I’ve had a carvery and a Dominos today after a weekend of binge drinking and very little sleep.

Until tomorrow, I don’t feel so good.


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