July 15th 2019

Today I played football and realised that my base level of fitness is completely gone. I’m not a fantastic footballer, but the one thing that has always given me an advantage when I play five/six-a-side is that I can run fast, and I can run far. Well, I used to be able to.

When everyone else was struggling towards the end of the match, I’d still be sprinting up and down the pitch, and that made me look better than I probably am. That’s gone now though, it seems.

The reason my fitness has gone is that I used to run three or four times a week, but I’ve not done that in ages now. I’ve not done once a week in ages either. And so my fitness has just completely gone. And I struggled today. It was hard work and I was puffed out by the end. And yeah, I’ve had a heavy weekend, and yeah, it was baking hot out, and yeah, we were playing with five people on a six-a-side pitch, but fitness used to be the one thing I could bring to the table.

Without it, there’s not much left.

I am now playing football twice a week, most weeks, so it’s not like I’ve been doing no exercise, I just don’t really run at lunchtime anymore. But I do need to get back to it. I know.

Until tomorrow, for the sake of my (highly amateur) football career, if nothing else.


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