July 16th 2019

Today I’m in the wars a bit. I’ve got a banging headache, a head-cold, a sore throat, and the warm weather gave me blisters. The first three are pretty self-explanatory but I may have to explain the last one.

Basically, because it’s nice weather out I wore shorts to work today, and because I was wearing shorts I decided to wear my espadrilles, and I don’t need to wear socks with my espadrilles. And because I wasn’t wearing socks to work today, when I went straight from work to football I didn’t have any socks to play football in either and, I’m not going to show you a photo, but the skin on the right half of my left sole is kind of hanging on by a thread right now. Literally.

And so, it is the warm weather’s fault, and not mine for forgetting to pack socks. And now I’m in bed feeling sorry for myself.

Until tomorrow, my feet hurt.


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