July 17th 2019

Today my car passed its MOT first time. In my entire life of driving, I’ve never passed an MOT on the first attempt. It’s usually “here’s £30 for the MOT” and then I get a phone call saying “we’re going to need between two and four hundred pounds to fix your front/rear axel/axle/iveneverbeensure”

That was the case when I had my old car, at least, I probably spent more on getting that car through MOTs in the four years I had it than I (as in, my parents) spent on buying it in the first place.

My new car, however, is a 2016 reg, which means that although I’ve had it for two years, I’ve never had to put it through an MOT, as new cars don’t require one until they are three years old — he says, trying hard to sound like the kind of person who personifies their car.

And so, because my car is pretty new, I didn’t really expect it to have any problems passing the MOT, and, indeed, it did not. Not having to spend £400 in order to drive my car home really made my day, let me tell you.

The lady in the garage did give me a couple of precautionary warnings that in a couple of months I’ll need probably three new tyres, as the tread on them is wearing thin. But that’s to be expected given that I do about 15,000 miles a year. So that’s something to look forward to.

I did also ask if they could source a replacement for my fuel cap, because I somehow lost that about a month ago. But apparently Ford would want £65 for a replacement, and it would come unpainted, so that’s another £40 on top of that.

Until tomorrow, I really don’t think it’s worth that.


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