July 18th 2019

Today I had a breakthrough on the way home from work but I can’t for the life of me remember what is was. This actually happens surprisingly often. You know how people say that they always have their best ideas in the shower? Well I get that with driving too. I think there’s probably been #science done it that explains that the reasoning behind it is something to do with your active mind being present on a relatively menial task, (driving is almost as simple as showering, at this point), leaving your passive mind free to wander, where it gets breakthroughs.

For me it happens all the time. I’ll have an award-winning idea for a novel while driving, or I’ll think up a perfect line for a poem. And of course, I have no way of writing it down because I’m driving. So I just have to repeat it to myself enough times in the hope that I remember it when I get out the car.

Sometimes I’ll summon Siri to record my voice and leave myself a message. More often than not, when I listen back to the message, it’s nonsensical and the idea was rubbish, but sometimes it’s a goldmine.

Today’s bright idea was a solution to a problem I’d been struggling with at work today. I’d been trying to figure something out, but couldn’t when I was actually actively trying. But I got in my car, drove a bit, and the solution came to me. I just can’t bloody remember what it is.

I need to invest in one of those notepads that van drivers stick to their windscreens with adhesive, that way I can write down any particularly bright ideas I have.

Until tomorrow, I’m sure they will all be insightful and wise.


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